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Coaster, Cerne Abbas Giant.

Coaster, Cerne Abbas Giant.
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We are delighted to offer another of our distinctive designs which grace our coasters.


The Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset, or the 'Rude Man' is one of the largest hill figures in Great Britain, The Giants gender is beyond doubt . It is one of two representations of the human form, the other is the Long Man of Wilmington, East Sussex, which is only about 7 miles from where we, Cordwain Higgler, live..Carved in solid lines from chalk bedrock ,he measures 180 feet high, and holds an enormous club, which measures 120 feet in length.

In 1751 the first written reference appears about The Cerne Abbas Giant, but there is strong belief that he dates back to the Iron Age period.

Popular theories as who he depicts, range from Hercules, or that monks from a nearby monastery cut the figure in jest to represent an Abbot, Thomas Corton who had to leave the area under a dark shadow.

Folklore suggests he may have been a sleeping giant who villagers cut off his head, sometimes the chalk fiqure rose from the dead to drink in a local stream.

It is obvious to everyone that there is no questioning his virility, couples for centuries have been known to make love on his phallus in the hopes of conceiving a child, this practice still occurs. And he is recognised nowadays as a symbol of fertility.

What is not in doubt, is the The Cerne Abbas Giant is a spectacular figure, long steeped in history and folklore.

Measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.

Solid leather coaster made from traditional oak bark tanned English leather. 

This heavy duty leather coaster is wide enough to take larger glasses at 4 1/2 inches/11cm diameter. and thick enough to hold it's shape at 1/4 inch/6mm thick.

Ideal for protecting your table top from the effects of your favourite tipple.

Please bear in mind the uniqueness of leather, no two can be absolutely identical due to the nature of the skin.

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